Ken Ames <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>   I am trying to build Gimp on OS/2 but am having trouble. Can 
> somebody give me some guidance in this area? All the auto 
> tools like autoconf, automake, and those give me errors like - 
> aclocal: configure.in: 293: macro `AM_PATH_GLIB_' not found in 
> library

standard aclocal problem: aclocal only searchs in /usr/share/aclocal
while glib installs its aclocal macros into the specified prefix
(often /usr/local/share/aclocal). One solution is to copy all m4 files
from /usr/share/aclocal into $prefix/share/aclocal and replace 
/usr/share/aclocal with a link to $prefix/share/aclocal.

Please note that you should not need to use the auto tools if you
compile from a gimp tarball. The problem you describe only arises 
when you compile from CVS and need to rebuild the configure script.

Salut, Sven
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