> The basic problem is that if every plug-in was included in the
> distribution, it would be huge.  No solution has yet been found for
> dealing with this problem.
Who cares about the size.Everybody wants a lot of plugins !
Gimp without Gallery Maker for instance is completely unuseful for a large
scale of users ! Btw 1.3 is dvpt tree so what's the problem ?!
Plugins won't get tested from the plug registry ONLY !

> Also some changes may be required to get plug-ins to really play nice
> with 1.3.  But I'm no hacker so I don't really understand all that stuff
> and am mostly just guessing.
AFAIK Perl library didn't changed for ages, so plug-ins released with 1.2X 
should fit perfectly...Maybe Marc could help on that thread.


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