Shlomi Fish <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I thought GIMP 1.3.x (or is it GIMP 1.9.x) aims to be as independant of
> the GUI library as possible. So, basically, it should be possible to write
> a Win32 or MFC front-end to it. Or am I wrong?

slightly wrong. It is and ways always possible to write a frontend using 
whatever GUI toolkit and it will certainly be easier with 1.4 than with c
urrent  Gimp. But we are not at all trying to be independent from GTK+. 
Why should we? It's the Gimp Toolkit after all... What we are doing at 
the moment is to seperate GUI code from the core. This should be great 
for batch mode and it will make the code much cleaner, but it still means 
that you'd have to rewrite great parts of the code if you would want to 
port to a different toolkit since a lot of the code is actually GUI-code.

> If you ask me, we should make sure GIMP runs nicely on Windows too, in one
> way or the other. Some people use Windows, and it is usally easier to
> expose them to GIMP for Windows, than to GIMP on a Linux (or any other 
> UNIX) box. I know of the Win32 port by Tor Lilquivist, but what could be
> even better is a port with the native Win32 controls. Assuming the GIMP is
> GUI-independant it should be possible.

I don't see why a "native" port would be any better, but then I don't use
Win32 at all, so I shouldn't talk about this stuff...

Salut, Sven
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