On 22 May 2001, Sven Neumann wrote:

> > If GIMP can support such a thing, it would make
> > working on it on Win32 much better. And we do intend GIMP to work nicely
> > there, right?
> It's not really our main focus, but if it works on Win2 too, we don't mind.

I thought GIMP 1.3.x (or is it GIMP 1.9.x) aims to be as independant of
the GUI library as possible. So, basically, it should be possible to write
a Win32 or MFC front-end to it. Or am I wrong?

If you ask me, we should make sure GIMP runs nicely on Windows too, in one
way or the other. Some people use Windows, and it is usally easier to
expose them to GIMP for Windows, than to GIMP on a Linux (or any other 
UNIX) box. I know of the Win32 port by Tor Lilquivist, but what could be
even better is a port with the native Win32 controls. Assuming the GIMP is
GUI-independant it should be possible.


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