Some of the issues raised here in the discussion about a new website 
need answering, but rather than trying to do that myself, I would 
like to point you to articles treating them more in-depth than I 
could do myself.

Bill Humphries' article about URL mapping, the technique to attach 
meaningful, human-readable URLs to obscure, dynamically generated 
URLs. Published on A List Apart, a site that tries to bring the 
usability and coolness factor people together, and does not even use 
tables to get its menu appear in the right spots at the right time.

Jakob Nielsen is _the_ web usability guru. In this article he 
explains why it is bad to have 404s pop up, and why it is equally bad 
to change URLs ('your bookmarks')!

Philip Greenspun is at least known to some of us, if only as a 
supplier of free source material (in the shape of high quality 
digitised photographs) for GIMP made productions. Although he shows a 
suprising lack of knowledge of some web building issues (his forte is 
databases), I think some of the things he says in his article on 
"Using CVS for Web development" do make sense.

Javier Velasco's article on how changed its page titles to 
something more pleasing to humans and spiders alike. This has nothing 
to do with all the other subjects discussed here recently. I included 
the article because it shows that no matter how aware you are that 
you can never make assumptions about the user experience, the latter 
always has a way of sneaking up on you and biting you in the ass. (Or 
is that something that only happens to me?) ;-)

All these sites form riveting good reads for those interested in good 
web design and cover a wide area of topics related to making web 
sites. Please also note how all their URLs make sense (for the most 


branko collin
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