On 25 May 2001 23:58:43 -0400, Tom Rathborne wrote:

> Now, I know most of us here are hackers and before you go killfiling
> and /ignoring me for suggesting that there should be a manager, just

Well, hackers have "managers" too. They are just called "Project
maintainers" or "head developers".

> think about it for a bit and let me know if there's anyone you know
> who has time to do any technical/design/content _and_ make sure
> that nothing is dropped on the floor.

Now, I could be interested in the design front, since I somehow think
the only way to make this new site happen is to take some responsibility
on it, and make it happen together instead of just. Just discussing it
wont make it happen, no matter how good opinions are voiced :-)

There is just one problem with this beautiful idea: I will be away on
holiday for about 2 weeks. On the other hand, maybe you will have come
up with good ideas for the content and structural organization of the
site by then, and one can then start thinking about design matters like
navigation stuff etc.

Tom: To avoid the original problem with the current site, does your perl
thingy have good docs so people can learn it and maybe try it out on
their machines to get an idea how it works, in case it needs to be
expanded or developed further in the future and for some reason you dont
have the possibility to do it? I like the content separation in it, but
I am worried a bit about this side. Not that PHP is the Holy Grail in
this, no way. More likely the Ugly Bowl of Spaghetti unless someone
coordinates it as well. But it is easier to find people who can cook
more spaghetti of course.. I am not really sure. I would vote for the
PHP if there was someone to look after the code. In that sense Tom's
perl thing looks more easy to work with, but we'd need docs - and it
will be harder to expand should we need to add some new functionality,
unless Tom is around to do it. And this was what we wanted to avoid in
the first place.

Anyway. See you in a while :-)


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