Tom Rathborne wrote:

> So. Here we go:
>     I'd like to nominate Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> to the
>     position of coordinator. She seems really determined to help us
>     all sort this out, and she doesn't know enough about anything to
>     have a too-strong opinion. Yes, that's a complement, Carol

Indeed it is. Good staff have passions; managers have projects. Both
mindsets are very important for an effort to succeed.

On a related front,  one individual at least has posted a web site
shortcoming as a GIMP bug in bugzilla. See

I'll be happy (scratch that: "content") to inventory others and document
them in bugzilla, where they can be tracked.


Should "Gimp Web" be a tracking project separate from "Gimp" the program?

Be good, be well


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