Shlomi Fish wrote:

> What I do wish to know is whether the information on the
> web-pages is still pertinent.

It is not. ezmlm has been retired. is not current.

> If it's not, than one of the webmasters
> should modify it.

Capital idea. But since the former webmaster, Adrian Likins,
announced some time ago that his personal/family/business
responsibilities has grown to a degree that he cannot web master, the site has suffered from bit-rot, of which
this is only one example. We don't have multiple webmasters.
We don't even have one -- just emergency (and insufficient)
maintenance from time to time. Web site maintenance is clearly
a team effort; it shouldn't befall the lot of one person.

See recent threads "The GIMP Webpage", "New GIMP Webpage the 2nd",
"GIMP website project planning" and related threads -- and
consider helping if time and interest permits
(Thank you in Advance).

be good, be well


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