Dave Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > Everything distributed with The GIMP should be GPL, LGPL or a compatible
> > license. Actually we assume that all plug-ins in the GIMP distribution are
> > GPLed.
> To my mind (and I may be wrong there), plug-ins are just applications
> which depend on the GIMP, and an interface provided by it - so they can
> be licenced under any old licence that you might deign to choose. In
> much the same way as (say) proprietary Linux applications are just
> applications which depend on Linux & interfaces it provides (when
> distributed in binary form anyway).
> So if one wanted to release a plug-in as a proprietary application (God
> knows why you'd want to - I don't believe anyone would pay for a module
> to a graphics application), I don't see any GPL issues myself. Am I
> wrong?

You are right. I was speaking about plug-ins/scripts distributed with 
The GIMP. We have choosen to make libgimp LGPL to allow others to choose
different licenses for their plug-ins, but we will refuse to distribute
them with The GIMP.

Salut, Sven
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