On 29 May 2001, at 12:22, Sven Neumann wrote:
> "Branko Collin" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Question: what parts of GIMP need their own license? I ask this,
> > because the GPL only covers the program and its components, AFAIK.
> > But what are its components supposed to be? I am talking mainly
> > about plug-ins here.
> Everything distributed with The GIMP should be GPL, LGPL or a
> compatible license. I know there are a few scripts/plug-ins that don't
> specify the copyright/license explicitely. If you want to go thru the
> hassle of fixing them, try to get in contact with the respective
> authors and ask if putting a GPL header is fine. Actually we assume
> that all plug-ins in the GIMP distribution are GPLed.

I am sorry it took a while, but I got side-tracked. :-\

Before I send off an e-mail message to the authors involved, I would 
like you to look over the e-mail and see if it strikes the right 
tone, as I am not one of the politest people I know (unfortunately).

Dear X,

Some of your plug-ins are at the moment included in the official GIMP 
distribution. Unfortunately, the following plug-ins either have no 
distribution license, or a license that is less strict than the GPL. 
We would like to ensure that all our users have the same freedoms as 
every other user when it comes to distributing, using and modifying 
our software. Therefore, we politely request your permission to add 
the GNU General Public License (short: GPL, see 
http://www.fsf.org/licenses/licenses.html#TOCGPL) to your plug-in, 
or, when applicable, to change your license to the GNU General Public 

Please feel free to ask us about what using the GPL will mean for you 
or any other question regarding this matter you may have.

Kind regards,

        Branko Collin.

Should a line be added about our intention to distribute the GIMP 
with much less plug-ins?

Should perhaps somebody else send this e-mail? I can imagine that a 
mail coming from a gimp.org address would look more official. I would 
be glad to give you my list of 'offending' scripts and authors.

Finally, I so far only checked the Script-fu scripts in the FTP GIMP 
1.2.2. distribution (i.e. gimp-1.2.2/plug-ins/script-

branko collin
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