I had some problems with the following operations:

Fill a selection with a pattern.
Lighting a selection up.

The above operations are possible with the bucket fill, but the bucket makes it's own selection.
After thinking about the problem I came to the following chart:

                 makes selection   fills
fuzzy selection         X
bucket fill             X           X
fill with fg/bg                     X
gradient fill                       X

Ok, there are some differences:
bucket-fill does not make a selection that you can work with.
fill with foreground/background has good shortcuts (ctrl ./,) but you can't set a mode or transparency.
gradient fill can fill with gradients but not with one color or
with a pattern.

All differences appart: we have four tools with do two things, (selecting and filling) but they can't do all of it.

The first thing to do is add a "fill with color" and "fill with pattern" option to the gradient fill.
Then we can think about removing the bucket-fill (I don't use it).

The above is only a proposition and free for discusion, but I can implement it if you like.


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