On 3 Jun 2001, at 19:28, Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero wrote:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-06-03 at 1856.59 +0200):

> > I would like to be able to change comments per image I save, no 
> Create a file with the names of those images you want to change, one
> per line, and name it Files (full path if you can). In another file
> named Copyright, put the new text. Then use this bash command:
> IFS=""
> for i in $(cat Files) ; do wrjpcom -replace -cfile Copyright ${i} ;
> done

I guess it's a happy coincidence then that I finally tracked down a 
Bash for Windows 98. ;-)

But no, if I say that I would like to be able to decide on a per-
image basis, at save-time, than that is what I mean. I usually work 
on lots of projects at the same time, that _may_ require a modified 
text per project or even per image. I would loath to for instance 
give a client all the copyrights to their site and then forget to 
change the comments, or even change the wrong ones. 

I realize that not everything I wish is going to come true, but your 
solution is only partially a solution for me.

Still, thanks for the suggestion. I will look into the tools you 

branko collin
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