[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-06-05 at 1543.38 -0500):
> are not used to things that don't really look bad but look *different*.

And? My window manager looks (and what is more important, behaves)
different to Mac or Windows window handling systems, and that, for me,
is what makes it better.

> increase their market share they need to fix the UI, and make it

Market share? Heeey, guys, how much money are you earning with Gimp?

> feel like a native app. I've tried the Win32 version of the
> GIMP, and the UI is dreadful. If I find it bad as a computer guy, you
> can't bet your bottom dollar that graphic artists are going to hate it.

Win32, to start, is a MDI fanatic system. Gimp comes from X, where the
user decides how windows are grouped (normaly with some kind of
virtual desktop system). Also, you can play with Xnest. ;]

> Once the UI has been fixed, then documentation needs to be re-written so
> that it's not orientated towards computer geeks. To many
> people, it won't matter whether it's free, or whether it supports the same
> features of a commercial product from Adobe that is far more
> polished."

I guess those guy is signing now a big check so, ie Bex, can do all
the docs and live at the same time, or ie Mitch, can code all the new

> Now I don't agree with everything that this guy says but he does make some
> valid points. People who have used Photoshop see Gimp as being inferior
> because it *looks* less polished. Rather than just ranting about it I
> have a few suggestions that might be of some use. First I think that we
> should ask some graphic artists. I work with some, I don't know if there
> are any on the list but maybe we could work some good ideas into some of

Where is tigert? Uuum, holidays, IIRC. Anyway, the talk appears every
now and then, some people like it (and want it to be like the apps
they already have), some not (and want to stay more or less as is). I
wonder why those people want to change Gimp if they already have one
thing they like so much.

> the next versions based on majority opinion from people who can benefit
> the most from using Gimp.

So the point is that those that have PS can use Gimp, and those that
like Gimp as is, to the thrash bin. Thanks.

Yes, Gimp has some UI problems, but one thing is fixing that, and
another is just do a PS 100% clone.

> My second suggestion is more technical, finding a way (and forgive me if
> there already is) to allow Gimp to have skins or something like that so
> that if someone wants it to *look* like Photoshop, they can. I defenately

Maybe Gimp 2.0 with separation of UI and engine. But you will have to
code a full UI, probably. Supposing we are not talking about the
already working theme engines that make widgets look different. With
them you can even make Gimp look like Aqua (and see how fast a lawyer
writes a letter cos you are using something that looks like Apple

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