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> > increase their market share they need to fix the UI, and make it
> Market share? Heeey, guys, how much money are you earning with Gimp?

My hourly rate for making web pages is 45 Euro. I use the GIMP 
extensively for that work. Having a good graphics editing tool will 
increase my productivity and, because of that, will mean I can charge 
less for an end-product (web site or web page) without lowering my 
rates. I do earn money with the GIMP, yes. If it weren't for the 
GIMP, I would have to fork out money for PSP. I may still have to do 
that because, to be honest, that tool has got some options that are 
very handy for me as a web builder as well (way better vector tools, 
export wizards for PNG, GIF and JPEG, etc.).

branko collin
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