Hi All,

here's the error msg etc. 

Gimp-ERROR **: file convert.c: line 2345 (median_cut_rgb): assertion
failed: (b2->Gmax >= b2->Gmin)
gimp terminated: Aborted
avi avi:/usr/people/avi > 
LibGimp-WARNING **: script-fu: wire_read: unexpected EOF

I'm running kernel 2.4.1, gtk+ 1.2.8, libc 2.1.3, libgif 4.1



Avi Bercovich                                      [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Sinjeur Semeynsstraat 9          Dept. of Social Science Informatics (SWI)
1183LD Amstelveen                                  University of Amsterdam     

On Wed, 6 Jun 2001, Raphael Quinet wrote:

> On Wed, 06 Jun 2001, Avi Bercovich wrote:
>  > As ever I;m not quite sure where I go to post bug reports, so I;m
>  > posting to the list.
> The best way to post bug reports is to submit them to Bugzilla
> (http://bugzilla.gnome.org/) because they will stay on the radar
> screen until someone fixes them.  The bugs reported on this mailing
> list could be forgotten after a while if nobody deals with them
> immediately.  You can of course do both, depending on the urgency and
> importance of the bug.
> I have just entered your bug report in Bugzilla as bug #55830.  You
> can look at it from here:
>    http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=55830
>  > Colour conversion of the xcf file at
>  > http://avi.mediamatic.nl/misc/conversion.html brings downs 1.2.1
>  > everytime I attempt it ;-)
>  >
>  > I'm trying to go from 24bit to 32 colours. if I resize the image from
>  > 2500x3500 to 2000x2800 it does work.
> It would have been helpful to describe exactly what system you are
> using (if this is the same as the one you are using to send mail, then
> it should be running Linux 2.4.1) and what error message you got.  A
> stack trace can also be useful in some cases.
> Please look at the information that I entered in Bugzilla and feel
> free to add any information if necessary (use the "Additional
> Comments" field and then use the submit button at the bottom of the
> page).
> -Raphael
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