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> Can GIMP be started with all the windows grouped the way I want?

Maybe not. :[

> I run every application full screen and most of the applications open
> with the screen the way I left it last time. Some applications let me
> save a layout and set that as the one I will get every time I open the
> application, no matter how messy it was when I left it.

Gimp, under Linux at least, saves layout. And you can do tricks, like
copying the sessionrc to a safe place, and "reinstall" it before each

> I would like a way to open Gimp so it is equivalent to a Windows full
> screen application with each tool bar docked. That would mean having one
> big window containing the image and the other windows as subsets of the
> main window, placed down the left of a vertical image and across the
> bottom of a horizontal image.

That is MDI, Multiple Document Interface, IIRC, and a good way to
force behaviour into users: try using a colour selector from app Foo
to DnD a colour to app Bar, not easy if you have all in big windows
(resize windows or "D to taskbar, wait, nD in app"). Monolithic
concepts in a modular environment.

> That way, when I am in GIMP, the whole screen is working the Gimp way,
> I would not be mixing the two on the same screen.

Maybe what you need is one of those virtual desktop system. In X most
people use it, many even say that a windowing system without them is
not worth the time. There are some shareware, freeware and free
software things, try http://www.litestep.com/ for a example.

BTW, one of the funny X tricks: run apps inside Xnest, and you get MDI
under X. ;]

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