[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-06-07 at 1734.35 +0200):
> > > Gimp, under Linux at least, saves layout. And you can do tricks, like
> > > copying the sessionrc to a safe place, and "reinstall" it before each
> > > launch.
> > No need for tricks. Simply exit Gimp with your favorite session layout
> > and disable "Save Window Positions on Exit" on the next run. Gimp will
> > then always start with your favorite session layout.
> Ah, but doing tricks is much more fun than clicking a couple of buttons
> :)

It it can also be used as a way to move config arround, ie if you have
multiple resolutions (if size Foo, copy sessionrc.foo, if Bar, copy
sessionrc.bar) or configs ("today I want crowded desktop").

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