> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-06-07 at 0312.06 -0400):
> > software for free.  I had to wait for that dumb little paint shop pro
> > program to count past 2000 once.  And that "free" thing could not hold a
> > candle to Gimp.
I purchased PaintShop Pro because I was tired of people sending me files
from PhotoShop with inaccurate colours. An agency would charge $800 for
a tiny image for an advertising banner but I would have to fix the size
and every single colour. Prior to PS 5.5, every incoming image needed
fixing. Considering PSP is 1/10 the price of PS, Adobe could have given
away a PSP free with every PS.

That dumb little product turned a lot of Adobeid images in to
professional web images.

I do not know how PS 5.5 compares. I was told by a few PS users that PS
5.5 was as accurate as PSP but from what I saw of images from PS 5.5, it
will take a long time for PS users to actually understand the basics of
producing images for the web.

I think PSP is a great learning tool (certainly the version I use)
because you can show people real colour values instead of abstracted
junk. If Gimp has an online or downloadable tutorial, I think the
tutorial should include stuff like
helpnet.com.au/hardware/monitor/rgb.html so people understand the images
they produce. (I found a lot of links to tutorials but am still working
through the first one.)

It will also help people understand PNG. Because GIF and JPEG are two
separate files, people are willing to read about the difference. If
everyone moves to PNG, a lot of people will miss out on understanding
the different image modes in PNG.

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