[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-06-08 at 0200.27 +0200):
> > Also, it is bad that you have to know that ~/.gimp exists and that you
> > may need to hand-tweak the stuff in there.  Everything should be
> > configurable through a nice graphical interface; if you need to
> > install third-party plug-ins or scripts or gradients then the GIMP
> > should have an "install plug-in" command.  This command can simply
> > copy a binary into your ~/.gimp/plug-ins.
> No, some people want to be able to hand-tweak stuff using an editor. 
> That's why we have user-readable config files. Apart from that everything
> important is indeed configurable through the prefs. But I have to admit 
> that it's probably a bit too much information for a user installation
> dialog. But I like the way we managed to integrate all the info from
> the 1.0 installation dialog into this page on the new one ;-)

I hope he means "user does not need to know it", not "files should not
be hand editable". One thing is about making life easier for some
people, and the other making it painful for other people.

BTW, last time I checked there was gimptool. OK, maybe it needs a GUI
for some people. Also, in most cases you do not need, it is one of
those FAQ's for [choose a name from the common list of 2D/3D apps]: "I
got a plugin, now what?" "Now move it to the plugins folder and
restart the app."

Which, to some point, is a good reason to make the user know that
~/.gimp-V/ exists. It is also the container for scripts, and people
want to pass files to friends... gimptool --send-brush-to <email> ? ;]

Message idea:

  The GIMP stores config info in ~/.gimp-V/ and has been created / as
  been created based in your previous config ~/.gimp-V-1/ (show the
  appropiate version). It is also the place to store user plugins,
  scripts, brushes. Feel free to browse the dir and fill it with the
  extras you create / download.

(Expandind the abbrevs ;] )

> I have not yet seen one X-Server giving a close to correct value here
> unless you manually tell it the correct value on start-up.

Last time I tried XF4 (3.3.6 now, it was just a test) the logs shown
the monitor size fine. It works if your card and monitor can talk DDC.
Maybe some daily users of XF4 could report what is going now.

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