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   Date: 09 Jun 2001 00:47:28 +0200

   rob <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

   > But this is page layout it is not image manipulation putting this
   > in gimp would mean you couldn't use it for other apps. It would
   > be more usefull as a stand alone program and leave gimp with just
   > the basic print plugin it has at the moment.

   please bear in mind that the print plug-in already has some of this
   functionality. We should at least contact the gimp-print people and
   ask what thoughts they have already put into this and what they
   have come up with.

I've read through these messages (at least since I noticed the
comments about paper sizes), and I'm trying to understand exactly what
problem people are trying to solve.  I'm not familiar with libpaper,
so I don't know what this is all about.  Could someone fill me in?

The print plugin (actually, the entire package) does support custom
paper sizes, at least on printers that allow it; some printers don't
allow it.

However, there was this comment:

    But, we're talking about *paper* here.  A4 for me is the same size
    as A4 for another user, surely?  There are only a limited number
    of paper sizes in existence, and they should all be available

The physical paper size of A4 is standardized; the area that can
actually be printed on varies by printer.  Again, since I don't know
what the problem is, I don't know whether this is an issue.

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