On Friday, 8 Jun 2001, David Monniaux wrote:

> On Fri, 8 Jun 2001, Austin Donnelly wrote:
> > But, we're talking about *paper* here.  A4 for me is the same size as
> > A4 for another user, surely?  There are only a limited number of paper
> > sizes in existence, and they should all be available system-wide.
> That's not true. Users have things like "that fancy letter paper that I
> buy at Flammarion", which have weird sizes. They have stickers, envelopes,
> and other things on which they want to draw logos.

Ok, fair enough.  But even these fancy letter papers are standard
sizes, otherwise they wouldn't fit on standard sized envelopes.

> The paradigm could also encompass screen dimensions, like "16x16 icon" or
> "advertisement bar at top of MyStartup.com".

Good idea.  Note that banner ads are also standard sizes, though.

> Why then do we have a per-user unitrc?

I'm not sure unitrc is a good example.  Again, it's something that
could easily be system-wide, not per user.  Gimp already has quite a
bit of infrastructure for per-user settings, so its easier to do
things this way.  Maybe a sensible set of system defaults and allowing
users to override them on the (very) rare occasions they need to.

Robert's point about printable area differing from printer to printer
is interesting; I hadn't considered that.  It depends what you want to
use the paper size for, I suppose.

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