Robert L Krawitz wrote:
> I'm going to be out of town for 2 weeks starting Friday.
> I'd like to alpha freeze 4.1 when I get back.  This means we're
> looking at late August or so for 4.2 release.  My big concern is with
> the Canon driver.  If Andy doesn't have time to fix it, and nobody
> else steps up, I'm going to try to back out Andy's changes to at least
> restore the driver more or less to the state it was in 4.0.  I'd like
> decide that one way or the other before alpha freeze if at all
> possible; if Andy has time after that, but before beta, we can try to
> get the new driver working.

I changed the driver so that it produces exactly the same init sequences as
version 1.12 (when it still worked ok) except for the models BJC-6000, -6100,
-6200 (which should work), the BJC-6500 (in non-DMT mode), the BJC-7000 (only
pagemargin fixes) and our most favourite, the BJC-8200 (still highly alpha,
most propably not working, etc)

All Canon users please try all possible combinations of color modes,
resolutions, printheads, etc with your model. Please drop me a message if
everything works fine or which exact combination produces false printout size,
borders, aspect ratio, etc.

Please make sure to reset all color settings etc before testing. If you
encounter false color densities you can compensate with the color settings in
gimp-print, please also report the values producing the best result. 

If there are problematic color transitions and you feel like tweaking the
color definitions inside the driver, please send them, too.

Thank you for helping,

Andy Thaller
TU Muenchen, Physikdepartment E11       Tel: ++49 (0)89 289 12860
James Franck Str.                       Fax: ++49 (0)89 289 12842
85748 Garching   //  Germany            email:  [EMAIL PROTECTED]
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