Sorry to bother you again regarding the PostScript Tensor Gradients, but
this message highly concerns the GIMP. My project regarding adding a
Tensor gradient subsystem to the GIMP was accepted by the Technion's EE
Department's Vision and Image Science Laboratory, which means I can be
credited for it. Now I'll have to find a partner and a supervisor in order
to be able to work on it, but that's a lesser problem.

I'll probably open a project for it at BerliOS and supply snapshots of the
code there as the code materializes. (assuming the Technion will allow
such policy)

However, I have one problem and it concerns PostScript itself, which at
the moment is the most common implementation of these gradients. I cannot
seem to get an even simple gradient to render. I have a code that
compiles, but I cannot see the gradient on the page. Those of you who are
knowledgable in PostScript and with rendering gradients with it, and who
wish to help me, please send me a private message.

Thanks in advance,

        Shlomi Fish 

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