went out for some bug-hinting in the 1.2 wilderness tonight and came
up with this list of beasts that are still alive and should be killed 
in 1.2 if possible:

 #55700  Indexed PNG does not save alpha
   Confirmed, but couldn't spot an obvious problem with the code.
   Someone with more knowledge of the libpng API should have a look. 

 #53278  TGA's created in gimp need to flipped and rotated
   Not sure if this report is correct (displau shows our files just 
   fine here), but someone should have a look. Nick?

 #52264  Converting 24bit to indexed palette: crash
   Adam is working on this one.
 #51358  Acquire-screenshot not working with enlightenment 
   I'm sure it's enlightenments fault ;-) Perhaps we can do something
   about it anyway...

 #36928  gimp-perl doesn't preserve entered values
   Can someone confirm this? Marc?
 #51400  Mpeg Plug-in crashes
   Is this reproducable? Does it work for you? Wolfgang?

 #51403  Encapsulated Postscript offset error
   Is this a bug? Peter?

 #51164  Default image comment not set correctly
   I've added some comments on how one could be fixed to the report. 
   Not sure what is the correct fix for this. Comments?

Then there is a bunch that seems to be Mandrake-related. No clue what
went wrong there, but hopefully the 1.2.2 packages will not suffer from
the same problems:

 #52467, #55735, #55398

This list is by no means complete...

Please update your gimp-1-2 branch from CVS and give the latest changes
some testing. We will also try to provide a pre-release tarball soon.

Salut, Sven

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