Jesse Pavel wrote:

> Hi Garry,
> Have you had a chance to test Sven's proposed patch yet? I'm away
> from my build machine until the weekend, and am just curious if
> that took care of the problem.
> Thanks,
> Jesse

Yes, over the previous weekend. I found that it addresses the immediate
problem of never closing down Layer and Channel drawables that are
contained in the GimpImage structure. For people processing many, many
images in some sort of batch procedure, where images are destroyed and
new images created, the growth rate of Gimp's memory print is greatly

Sven has committed his patch to CVS on the gimp-1-2 branch; it will
likely be a part of the 1.2.2 release unless someone discovers that it leads
to unanticipated problems.

Thank you for raising the issue. I think people who use the Gimp in some
sort of image processing looping procedure will find the application
better behaved now.

Be good, be well


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