Sabine Wolf <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> with a python-script, but I've missed a PDB-function to convert a path
> to a selection, so I patched the gimp source a bit to export the
> internal function. It would be nice to include such a patch in the next
> release. I can explain what I changed if there is a need for script
> writers to have such a PDB function.

you should update your patch so it applies against the current state of 
development in CVS and we will most probably accept and apply it. You
should note however that the plan is to rewrite the paths for Gimp-1.4.
Simon Budig has been working on this, but I have no idea how far he has
got. Perhaps he'd like some help here?!

> The next thing I did was a extended version of the bumpmap plugin, I
> added phong illumination to get some glossy light on the edges, it looks
> nice on dark surfaces (http://lythi.dyndns.org/gimp/bumpmap.jpg). What's
> the best way to make such a plugin available?

Send a patch against bumpmap.c in current CVS.

> Prior to the bumpmapping I used the gaussian blur to blur the bump
> channel, sometimes I get visible steps due to the limited 8-bit
> resolution of the blurred bump channel, it would be fine to have a
> higher resolution to get smoother images. I read there is Gimp 2.0 in
> development with such features. Is here someone how knows a bit more
> about Gimp 2.0 and its current state?

We are in progress of cleaning up the code and porting to GTK+-2.0. Once
this is done we will release Gimp-1.4. Then development for Gimp-2.0 is
going to start. In the meantime people are working on the basic image
manipulation framework GEGL (http://www.gegl.org/).

Salut, Sven
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