I'm rather new to gimp, but i love it to do things with scripts.
I've created some jigsaw tiles with gimp for a puzzle game
(http://lythi.dyndns.org/puzzle/gimpcon.html as an example), I did it
with a python-script, but I've missed a PDB-function to convert a path
to a selection, so I patched the gimp source a bit to export the
internal function. It would be nice to include such a patch in the next
release. I can explain what I changed if there is a need for script
writers to have such a PDB function.
The next thing I did was a extended version of the bumpmap plugin, I
added phong illumination to get some glossy light on the edges, it looks
nice on dark surfaces (http://lythi.dyndns.org/gimp/bumpmap.jpg). What's
the best way to make such a plugin available?
Prior to the bumpmapping I used the gaussian blur to blur the bump
channel, sometimes I get visible steps due to the limited 8-bit
resolution of the blurred bump channel, it would be fine to have a
higher resolution to get smoother images. I read there is Gimp 2.0 in
development with such features. Is here someone how knows a bit more
about Gimp 2.0 and its current state?

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