[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-07-25 at 1140.55 +0300):
> > but I don't see any way of detaching the gimp process from the
> > controlling terminal so that I can background it without terminating the
> > gimp. Any suggestions, or is this a feature which may be added at a
> > later date? ;)

With control terminal you mean X server or a text console? For text
console you can use screen, I guess.

> Try VNC:
> http://www.uk.research.att.com/vnc/

The traditional way is to use Xvfb, it comes with X (maybe in a
accessory package, it varies with distros). It is a dumb X server for
testing or background usage.

VNC also comes with some distros, but it usage is more for roaming or
serving X to machines that do not have X (aka MS Windows when you do
not want to pay more software).

In both cases, gimp -i saves the creation of interface for faster load
and probably faster work due not doing renderings to "monitor" (you
still need some kind of X so the libs can work).

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