Hi all,
Some of you may remeber me a few months (actually quite a few) ago bugging
you  on how to write gimp plugins (I have no idea why I haven't bothered
de-subcribing from the list)....I wrote a few to do some stuff (most of it
is pretty useless), but I thought I just put it up because I find two of
them particularly useful (and still don't know of a better way to do the
first one)

lfl.c - List file loader, just takes a \n deliminted set of files and
loads them up as layers in an image (uses copy and pasting).  The neat
thing is that if you have things like png's with offsets; it will resize
the image and arrange and alpha pad each layer so that each offseted png
is located in the proper relative location.

makecomparagram.c - Generates the joint histogram between two 24-bit
images for each channel (takes two layers as input) as a log thresholded
768x768 image,  useful for some stuff (in my case, if you take the
'comparagram' (dumb name for a simple concept) between two images which
are the exact same, you get the identity in R vs. R, G vs. G, and B vs. B.
If they are the same image but say taken at different exposure (or gain)
you see that you get curves (not sloped lines becuase of a camera's
non-linear response function).

The other pluings do stuff like split up an image's channels into layers
(trust me there was a reason for this, namely to get have an alpha with
each layer), cement which basically does a weighted sum with a supplied
lookup table and I think that's it...

These have been sitting around for a while and doubtfully interesting to
anyone else, but I just ran across use for the list-loader so I thought
someone else may.  If anyone is interested I wouldn't mind polishing them

grab it at http://www.eyetap.org/~maneesh/stuff.html
(I put all my plugins in the tarball, but I think that the only really
useful one is the list file loader, so I put it up separately)...

Use the makeInstall.sh script (which just gimptool --install's each


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