I hope this question hasn't been asked too many times before but I couldn't find it in the archives.  I am using an Ultra 2 sparc with 64 bit kernel.  I was told by sun that the only way to see real benefit of 64 bit is to have the kernel and the application compiled for 64 bit.  That was the start of my adventure. 
    glib and gtk+ version 1.2.8 compiled without any problems using egcs compile with the following options "-m64 -mcmodel=medlow -g -O2".  I then went to compile the gimp version 1.2.2 with the same options.  The flarefx.c had some problems but I figured if I got 64 bit than I could do without one component.  It compiled with a few warnings but I don't believe they are any different than the 32 bit warnings. 
    I did get a successful compile of 64 bit gimp.  I ran it and used so of the limited functionality that I usually use with no problems at all.  Now for the question.  The other thing I didn't see is any performance increase.  My machine is an Ultra 2 with dual 168 mhz and 192 Meg of ram.  I grabbed a relatively small bitmap and used the globe plugin for 10 iterations to make sure that I had enough time to get some statistics.  I wasn't using any swap space and one of the processors was pegged about 3/4s of the time.  The other process got pinged a couple times but that was probably more os and vmstat.  I also have a windows machine with gimp installed for windows.  That machine has 64 Meg of ram and a single 266 mhz processor.  I did a side by side test of 10 iterations with the globe plugin.  The windows machine finished first with the sparc still having 3 more iterations to go. 
    My question is, am I expecting too much from 64 bit?  Does the C code actually have to change to get the benefit from 64 bit?  Is this the right list to be asking this question?
    I know this was a long email.  I hope it was an appropriate question for this list and i appreciate any comments.  If this is not a question for this list and you still have comments for me just send them directly too me so as not to disturb the list any more than I already have. Thanks

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