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> Hi. Unless I'm mistaken xwd isn't capable of capturing 24-bit visuals. It
> seems almost useless on modern hardware. Is this an issue that has been
> discussed here before?

it seems you are mistaken. What makes you think xwd can't capture TrueColor?
How are you using the term 24-bit visuals here (24 bit color-depth or
24 bit aligned pixels) ?

> Attempting to capture graphics-intense windows with xwd on x86-based XFree86
> 3.x or 4.x just gives a misleading error message, extra confusing because
> other simpler windows on the same desktop will capture without trouble.

what error-message ?

> The ImageMagic import utility works consistently and writes directly to png.
> Is there any thought to switching Gimp screen capture to use import?

I was thinking about using some GDK features introduced in GTK+-2.0, but
no new code has yet been written and we are open for suggestions. I don't
think however that using import from ImageMagick is a reasonable solution.
xwd is at least guaranteed to be available (on X11) which can't be said
about ImageMagick.

Salut, Sven
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