> it seems you are mistaken. What makes you think xwd can't capture
> How are you using the term 24-bit visuals here (24 bit color-depth or
> 24 bit aligned pixels) ?

xwd: Warning. Error in XWD-color-structure (flag)
xwd: EOF encountered on reading
xwd: load_image (xwd): XWD-file /root/.gimp/tmp/gimp_temp.277523.xwd has
format 2, depth 24
and bits per pixel 24.
Currently this is not supported.

This message was generated attempting to capture glxgears using Gimp (xwd).
What do you suppose it means?

Capturing motion video windows is really flakey with xwd. Usually it fails,
but sometimes it doesn't. It seems to be influenced by what other windows
are being displayed.

Sven and GSR, any further thoughts?



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