David Odin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> >  I'm using current HEAD cvs of the Gimp.
> >  I've seen that all the filter plugins which use a GTK interface are
> > crashing. Is this a known bug and is this due to the switch to the
> > version 2.0 of gtk+? Is there anything I can do to help fixing this?

yes, clean up your gimp installation. You obviously have old plug-ins

> > I've notice that plugins use gtk_signal* fonctions while the gimp
> > application (under the app directory) use g_signal* ones. This lets me
> > think the plugins are not yet converted to use gtk+-2.0.

those that are in the current Makefiles should work. The gtk_signal_* 
functions are still OK, we just decided to totally switch to g_signal_*
in the core to avoid to gtk_signal_connect() to a GObject. The GUI code
in the plug-ins can continue to use gtk_signal_connect().

>   To be more precise, here are the plugins I've seen crashed on
> invocation :
>   - destripe,
>   - NL filter,
>   - gflare,
>   - gimpressionist,
>   - gfig,
>   - gdyntext,
>   - imagemap,
>   - jpeg.

I haven't checked them all, but I think they have not yet been converted.
This means they won't get installed and you are calling old executable.

I'll look into your patch later...

Salut, Sven
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