[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-08-28 at 0142.52 +0100):
> This is perfectly normal. If you don't like it it's possible to disable
> the support for this feature on some hardware, but IMHO you don't know
> what you're missing :)

In general I was just been cautious about what I say cos I have not
looked enough specs / sources to be sure. I have looked a bit now, and
discovered that what you say seems to be true, what I heard too, but
they are not the same thing (I heard about Overlay/ColorKey 24+8 and
you are talking about VideoKey option, or so says the manpage).

The CPU usage is very low compared to previous driver and the quality
is nice, I saw it as soon as I played a video with the new XFree and
gtv. I did not paid all the money to have a crappy card or a nice one
but not use it. ;]

Any idea about how to capture images? Is there an env var or something
that exchanges the speed for the visibility? Screenshots with blue
areas are not very nice (I am using mplayer now, BTW).

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