"Branko Collin" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> On 29 Aug 2001, at 11:22, Sven Neumann wrote:
> > I plan to merge translations from the stable gimp branch ("gimp-1-2")
> > to the HEAD branch very soon now and hereby ask all translators to
> > assure that the translations in the stable branch are up-to-date. If
> > you have committed changes to the HEAD branch, please make sure the
> > stable branch contains your fixes, otherwise your changes will get
> > lost.
> I noticed that somebody else than me has commited Dutch translations 
> to HEAD. I tried to contact that translator once, but got nowhere. I 
> will try again (also contacting the person who actually commited the 
> new strings, as that was a third person), but ask in the meanwhile 
> that the stable translation will not be merged with those changes 
> without contacting me first, as I do not want to start juggling three 
> different translations (the one in HEAD, the one in 1.2.2 and the one 
> on my hard drive).

whoever committed to HEAD made a mistake and it is my intention to not
merge the translations but simply take the ones from gimp-1-2 into HEAD
thereby overwriting any changes that have been applied to HEAD but not
to the stable branch. For this reason I've asked the translators to 
update their translations in the stable branch now.

All I want to achieve at the moment is to get a set of working 
translations for the 1.3.0 developers release. Those translation need 
not to be complete and there will be plenty of time to update the 
translations when we approach the stable 1.4.0 release.

For the HEAD branch, we should try to find a responsible translation
maintainer for each language. The language maintainer should have CVS 
commit access and is responsible for coordinating his/her team of 

Salut, Sven
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