OK, here's what I came up with as a (preliminary?) solution.

I've added a link to the GNOME Translation Project's homepage to
README.i18n and will refer all people willing to contribute to 
GIMP's localisation to the GTP. I'll do the same with people
sending me translations and I ask everyone to do the same. The 
people from the GTP have CVS commit access and some coordination
on the i18n front is most probably a good idea.

I have added a note to README.i18n in the unstable branch 
explaining that GTK+-2.0 requires UTF-8 strings and that we 
require UTF-8 encoded po files (and tips files) for that reason. 
We do not do any implicit conversions so any po files that are 
not UTF-8 encoded will not work. If someone comes up with a 
reasonable way to do on-the-fly conversion, I'll consider adding 
it, but first I want to hear a good reason from an active 
translator why she thinks dealing with UTF-8 encoded files in 
CVS is too much of a burden. 

I hereby encourage translators to convert their po and tips files 
in gimp HEAD to UTF-8. The gnome-i18n module in CVS has some 
scripts that help with this task. If you feel like updating the
translations in the HEAD branch, feel free to do so, but expect
lots of strings to change. Your main concern should however be 
to finish and polish translation of stable gimp as found in the 
gimp-1-2 branch.

I will not touch any po files except the german ones any more 
except for trivial fixes that break the build.

Please excuse if I may have sounded harsh during this thread; 
I didn't want to step on anyone's feet.

Salut, Sven
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