Karl Eichwalder <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> "at release time" :) Since we cannot assume msgsmt is available on the
> target platform we're distributing .mo resp. .gmo files since ever.

converting at release time is not an option. People tend to use the
released tarball to work on the translations. If you equire them to 
convert the po files from the tarball back to their preferred encoding,
you gain no advantage at all. Even worse, people get confused since
the distributed po-files don't match the files in CVS.

For this reason, I suggest the simplest solution: all po files UTF-8. 

Another argument for UTF-8 is that we try to do things as done in the
GTK+ tree. Since Owen chose UTF-8 encoded po files, I tend to follow
his decision.

Do you have any good arguments against UTF-8 encoded po-files?

Salut, Sven
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