This is gimp-print version 4.1.99b2, the second beta release leading
up to the 4.2 stable release.  This release is not 4.2.

This software includes the Print plug-in for the Gimp, and GhostScript
and CUPS drivers.  The support for printers in GhostScript and CUPS is
identical to the support for these printers in the Print plugin --
they use the identical code base.  Please read src/ghost/README and
src/cups/README for more information on this.

These release notes primarily describe changes visible to the end
user.  Detailed descriptions of changes may be found in the ChangeLog.

The Gimp Print plugin requires the Gimp 1.2.

Gimp-Print 4.1.99b2 contains the following changes over 4.1.99b1:

1) The Postscript driver now prints correctly (broken in 4.1.99b1).

2) The resolutions have been reorganized for Epson printers.  Some
   little-used resolutions (such as unidirectional draft-quality) have
   been dropped, and many others have been renamed.  Additionally,
   certain settings that are very poor choices for certain printers
   (such as microweave on variable dot size printers) have been
   dropped.  There are additional draft resolutions of 360x180 and
   360x240 in addition to the economy draft resolutions of 180x180 and
   360x120.  Finally, there is an additional 360x90 fast economy draft
   resolution on some older printers.

   Ghostscript users should read src/ghost/README for more
   information.  CUPS and Gimp users will find the options changed.

3) The organization of the CUPS PPD files has changed.  After you run
   make install to install the PPD files, but before you restart the
   CUPS daemon, you should do the following:

   cd src/cups
   make refresh-data-local

   This is not done automatically, as it removes a large number of
   files from your filesystem!

4) "make uninstall" removes the PPD files that are installed as part
   of the CUPS installation.

5) The Epson Stylus Color 660 should now work correctly in all modes.

6) Preliminary support for the Epson Stylus C60.

7) Under some circumstances, the Ghostscript driver or the test
   pattern generator did not print a useful error message if it
   received incorrect parameters.  This is now fixed.

8) Unprint now handles all Epson printers with all page widths.  It
   previously seg faulted on certain printers (particularly the
   900/980, or many printers in black and white) with wide pages due
   to buffer overflow.

9) Minor improvements in the Gimp plugin GUI.

10) The internationalization code has been reworked in this release.
   Please see the ChangeLog for more details.

11) The unprinter uses considerably less memory when working on Epson
   output generated at high resolution/quality settings.

12) The banner and help on escputil is friendlier.

Known limitations of this release:

1) The Epson Stylus C40UX (and very likely other printers in the C20
   and C40 lines) do not identify themselves.  Therefore,

   escputil -u -d

   will not return anything useful.  This will not be fixed for 4.2,
   as these printers do not have a known way of identifying

2) The "align color" (-o) command to escputil does not currently work
   on the printers that should support it (Epson Stylus Color 480 and
   580, and C20SX, C20UX, C40SX, and C40UX).  It is not known if this
   will be fixed for 4.2.

3) Changing ink cartridges on the Epson Stylus Color 480/580 is not
   supported.  This will not be fixed for 4.2.

4) The drivers for the Epson Stylus Pro printers (5000, 5500, 7000,
   7500, 9000, 9500, and 10000) are not tested or tuned.  They may not
   work correctly in all cases, and their outputs are not properly

5) The Canon BJC-8200 and S800 do not produce optimum quality.

6) The Lexmark Z52 driver does not print correctly at 2400x1200 or

7) Some HP printers print poorly at high resolutions using the Glossy
   Paper setting.  The workaround is to use the Premium Paper

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