gimp has problems with some 16 bits fonts, eg for placing some text on a
at first, we were thinking that's would need gimp to be rewrotten by some jedi
to work with unifont in its internals.

In fact, the problem is that gimp look for a font with the same dpi resolution
as the picture (by default, it's 72x72 dpi).
so it looks after a font like:

But our unifont fonts aren't scalables but the widget gtk_font_selector offers
the unifont at beginning of the list and then its fcsk up.

we've patched gimp so that it looks only for scalable font (aka postscript and
ttf) and everything just operates smoothly.

Here's the patch is against gimp-1.2.2:

--- gimp-1.2.2-pre3/app/text_tool.c.pix	Sat Dec 16 20:38:38 2000
+++ gimp-1.2.2-pre3/app/text_tool.c	Fri Sep 21 01:02:31 2001
@@ -403,6 +403,13 @@
   /* Create the shell */
   text_tool_shell = gtk_font_selection_dialog_new (_("Text Tool"));
+  /* As we need fully scalable font, only accept scalable fonts */
+  gtk_font_selection_dialog_set_filter(GTK_FONT_SELECTION_DIALOG(text_tool_shell), 
+				       GTK_FONT_FILTER_BASE, 
+				       GTK_FONT_SCALABLE, 
+				       NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL);
   gtk_window_set_wmclass (GTK_WINDOW (text_tool_shell), "text_tool", "Gimp");
   gtk_window_set_policy (GTK_WINDOW (text_tool_shell), FALSE, TRUE, FALSE);
   gtk_window_set_position (GTK_WINDOW (text_tool_shell), GTK_WIN_POS_MOUSE);

see you.

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