Hi All,

I have a problem with a Epson FS200 Slide/negs Scanner.

The problem is more obvious with negatives than with slides.
The problem is that I always get one of the pixels in the negs more clearer
than the rest of them (i.e. a "white" line crossing the scanned negative).
In the case of the slides the line is darker than the rest of the scanned slide.

Scanner is out of warranty. First thing I have tried was to clean the lens just
in case but, it did not solved the problem. I do not want to go deeper in cleaning
it just in case I spoil the alignment of the lens.

I use gimp/sane to scan slides. I tested the scanner also at win9x to see if it
could be a problem of the soft but the offending pixels were there too.

I was thinking of editing negs/slides, but it is going to be a long and tedious
work. The failure in the case of slides is almost unperceptible. Negatives is
really obvious.

The question: Have gimp some special feature so that if I am able to identify the
pixel line (supposing it is always at the same position) I could apply a script to
correct the pixel line ?
My idea is this (supposing an horizontal pixels line):
 the offending pixel line would be corrected to the value of the pixel above
and/or the pixel below it (like an interpolation between the pixels above and
below the wrong line of pixels).

I am not sure if I am said something really with nonsense.

I would appreciate some ideas about how to proceed.

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