On 5 Oct 2001, at 19:56, Steinar H. Gunderson wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 02, 2001 at 09:56:08AM +0200, Javier Hernandez wrote: 
> question: Have gimp some special feature so that if I am able to
> identify the >pixel line (supposing it is always at the same position)
> I could apply a script to >correct the pixel line ?
> Well, if it's _always_ in the same position, could I recommend
> creating a selection based on that pixel information, rotating the
> image, selecting a small selection around it and doing "deinterlace"? 
> Should be quite easy to script with Gimp-Perl, given that it's exactly
> in the same spot.

Couldn't Resynthesize help here?

branko collin
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