Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero writes:
 > Another possible FIXME: does GTK provide a define or something for dir
 > separator? It will clean the code a bit.

don't think a something like gimptool --cflags should blindly output
the native Windows backslash separators. The reason is that one might
have a Makefile containing something like:

CFLAGS = `gimptool --cflags`

And if that Makefile is interpreted by a Unixish make (like GNU Make),
the backslashes get eaten... Windows compilers and tools also accept
the (forward) slash character as dir separator in -I and similar
options, so it's better to use that (in this context).

OTOH, when invoked in the --install-* or --uninstall-* modes, the
gimptool program runs copy or delete commands with system(). Those
commands (actually built-ins in the command interpreter) don't accept
(forward) slashes, so in that case gimptool does need to output the
actual backslashes.

Yes, this is all rather silly, and probably a bit scary to the
majority of the readeers on this list...


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