On 14 Nov, jochen georges wrote:

> will gimp support the "mng" fileformat ??

GIMP is an image manipulation program, mng is an animation format.
> i have to make little animations, but i don't want to use the
> gif-format (because of the patent).
> so i read on the site www.burnallgifs.org of the format mng, but my
> gimp 1.2, doesn't know it.

Exactly. gif was an expection because the animation mode is an extension
to the picture format and thus not to complicated to implement. Maybe
someone will hack a plugin that supports libmng but we'll definitely
not see this in any 1.2.x version, probably not even in 1.4.x except if
someone finds the time to do it.
> thank you for your answer and the wonderful gimp.

In any case you might want to archive such wishes in the
bugtracker at bugzilla.gnome.org and hope a bored hacker finds
your wishes interesting enough to hack it.


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