> > will gimp support the "mng" fileformat ??
> GIMP is an image manipulation program, mng is an animation format.

so what?

> > i have to make little animations, but i don't want to use the
> > gif-format (because of the patent).
> > so i read on the site www.burnallgifs.org of the format mng, but my
> > gimp 1.2, doesn't know it.
> Exactly. gif was an expection because the animation mode is an extension
> to the picture format and thus not to complicated to implement. Maybe
> someone will hack a plugin that supports libmng but we'll definitely
> not see this in any 1.2.x version, probably not even in 1.4.x except if
> someone finds the time to do it.

Of course a plug-in for 1.2 can be hacked. We won't include it into the 
official distribution because of the feature freeze, but of course a MNG 
plug-in for gimp-1.2 would be very much appreciated.

Salut, Sven
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