Hi all.

Branko's talk of a bug week got me thinking recently, and I just noticed
that one of the few mails which got left in my gimp-developer mailbox
(usually RFCs & followups, but not in this case) was a mail that Sven
sent to the list in June with a list of active 1.2 bugs (the thread was
"1.2 Bug Hunting"). There were about 10 of the highest-priority bugs,
with a 1-line description and a link to bugzilla.

Personally it got me lookign at bugzilla (a habit that has since
lapsed), and looking at the thread it seemed to lead to the resolution
of a fair few bugs. Do people think that doing this on a regular (say
monthly) basis would be a good idea? And if so, who would do it? (note
that I'm not volunteering - it's just something I was thinking about :)
I could be persuaded to, perhaps - or maybe some of the people who've
done a bit more with bugzilla might consider it?

Just an idea - I don't know if people think it would be a good idea...

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