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> Branko's talk of a bug week got me thinking recently, and I just noticed
> that one of the few mails which got left in my gimp-developer mailbox
> (usually RFCs & followups, but not in this case) was a mail that Sven
> sent to the list in June with a list of active 1.2 bugs (the thread was
> "1.2 Bug Hunting"). There were about 10 of the highest-priority bugs,
> with a 1-line description and a link to bugzilla.
> Personally it got me lookign at bugzilla (a habit that has since
> lapsed), and looking at the thread it seemed to lead to the resolution
> of a fair few bugs. Do people think that doing this on a regular (say
> monthly) basis would be a good idea? And if so, who would do it? (note
> that I'm not volunteering - it's just something I was thinking about :)
> I could be persuaded to, perhaps - or maybe some of the people who've
> done a bit more with bugzilla might consider it?

yeah, sure go ahead. Creating reasonable bugzilla queries and posting
the result would definitely not hurt. It might help to get more people
working with Bugzilla. Bugzilla is a great tool but using it for a large
project like The GIMP requires a reasonable amount of maintainance work.
Let alone the fact that someone needs to fix the bugs...

Salut, Sven
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