On Tue, 27 Nov 2001, Dave Neary wrote:
  >> By mailing the 10/15 most critical bugs on a monthly basis
  >> to the list, I think people will be more likely to fix
  >> them. I know that I was when Sven last posted his trawl
  >> through outstanding bugs. It also has the benefit of
  >> connecting the very useful bugzilla to the most commonly
  >> used mailing list frequently, and getting people following
  >> those links. I think that the mail aspect of this is
  >> extremely important, and one message saying "there are
  >> links to queries here (with a URL)" isn't enough to get
  >> people using zilla in the long term (IMHO).

I see...  But unfortunately it would be difficult to mail the top 10
bugs to this list every month.  The first problem is technical: I
don't have the time to set up such a thing.  The second problem is
related to the information that would be sent: some bugs have a
summary (title) that is not very easy to understand, so sending that
to the list would not always be sufficient.

By the way, I just updated the page containing the links to some
Bugzilla queries and I added three new links that allow you to find
the list of open bugs that are not enhancements (so you only get the
"real" bugs).  Try it from: http://www.gimp.org/devel_ver.html


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