Raphael Quinet wrote:
> I see...  But unfortunately it would be difficult to mail the top 10
> bugs to this list every month.  The first problem is technical: I
> don't have the time to set up such a thing.  The second problem is
> related to the information that would be sent: some bugs have a
> summary (title) that is not very easy to understand, so sending that
> to the list would not always be sufficient.

I guess it would only take a few minutes for someone to do it manually - 
I'll volunteer for a couple of months (starting December) and see how 
it's being taken after that. If people start saying "But those're the 
same bugs you posted last month!" I'll be able to say "Well, duh, they 
need fixing" or something a bit more politic. But if it's getting no 
response at all, a couple of months would be enough of a trial run...

> By the way, I just updated the page containing the links to some
> Bugzilla queries and I added three new links that allow you to find
> the list of open bugs that are not enhancements (so you only get the
> "real" bugs).  Try it from: http://www.gimp.org/devel_ver.html

Cool :)


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