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I haven't really been reading all the details, but I have the
gist of it ;)

There is a lot to be said for images _and_ text doing the work of
helping the user navigate the complexities and nuances of The
GIMP, but I can't help but think that such things belong in the
help system. I know that very few devel-types (sorry for the
hyphenation, bex ;) actually read the help let alone check it out
of CVS and build it -- heaven forbid that anyone other than half
a dozen of us have a working SGML environment -- but my efforts
on the help system are not without some measure of concern for
the end-user experience. I have added an obscene number of images
to the glossary in the attempt to make a more visual guide to the
result of certain filters. I have gone to the trouble of
requisitioning license free images from Garrett Lasage for just
that purpose. And yet here we are, the most active topic on the
gimp-devel list since Tim Copperfield reared his ugly head.
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I just don't know if a new user wants to be assaulted, and I use
that word without malice, by an all-singing, all-dancing,
Tip-o-the-day-how-the-hell-are-ya-buddy? dialog. It's a Tip of
the Day. I beleive the user reads it, thinks "You can?!", and
closes the bugger. We have an advanced help system for a reason.

As for the links -- I'm for it. The more interactive The GIMP
becomes, the better. The entire help system will (hopefully)
eventually "lead" the user back to the application itself, which
is where they belong. Links in the TOTD that lead to the help in
a "Click here to see how it's done" fashion can only be of use to
the end user.

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