Nathan C Summers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > and [links] would also be much simpler to implement than text flow
> > around image boxes (unless you want gimp to depend on gtkhtml2 for the
> > tips).
> I hadn't considered implementation.  I certainly don't want to write code
> to handle text flow.  On my project we used an off-the-shelf rtf widget,
> which was good enough for us.  Unfortunately there isn't really an
> equivent in standard gtk.  Tips alone are not worth more dependencies.
> OTOH, putting the images to the side of the text would not be hard at all
> to do, thanks to the wonders of hboxes.  I can't think of an example when
> we would really need more.

I think one always has to outweight the complexity of a possible 
implementation and the advantages a new feature will bring. While you have
brought up a lot of good points why images would be a good thing to have,
I still doubt it's worth the hassle. After all it's only the tips dialog
and only a small amount of users ever reads them. 

I can think of a solution that should be relatively simple to implement 
and might be a good compromise: what about allowing one image per tip 
that overrides the default wilber image on the right?! By being able to 
use different images in the tips dialog, we could make the dialog more 
attractive and we could provide useful visual hints.

Salut, Sven
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